River Pebbles - Substance Designer
Gareth codling riverpebblesball
Gareth codling riverpebblesflat

River Pebbles Flat Terrain

Gareth codling riverpebblesflat1

River Pebbles Flat Terrain

Gareth codling riverpebblesballbreakdown

Full Render, Detail Lighting, Base Colour, Roughness

Gareth codling riverpebbles texturesplit

Albedo, Roughness, AO, Normal, Height

River Pebbles - Substance Designer

Created for one of the DiNusty Discord Substance Challenges.

100% made in Substance Designer.

This was a lot of fun, and meant I could test some new things I've recently learnt, as well as learning other bits throughout. Getting a decent range of colour variation was one of the bigger challenges.

Rendered in Unreal Engine 4.

Reference: https://www.flickr.com/photos/andy-stuart/3072071279/sizes/l

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